I’VE become desensitised to breasts - other women’s’ breasts, to be precise.

I don’t blink an eye at exposed boobs in see-through mesh tops on catwalks, or the women airing their pair out on beaches. I merely glance over the magazines of frontal exposed ‘babes’ with ‘Buy Now!’ stars carefully concealing their nipples.

I’ve seen it all, so much so, I no longer care enough to question it.  

“Young girls are wearing denim shorts that are cut like knickers nowadays.”

The epitome of all things loud, unnecessary and attention seeking, Lady Gaga and her recent photo-shoot did cause me to stop in my tracks, however.

Is there ever a reason for a woman to sit nude, spread eagle and grab her bits for the sake of a pending album? It would seem by the standards set by Madonna and upheld by Rihanna, nudity is a necessary controversy needed to sell music.

Where’s the modesty gone girls? More to point where’s your underwear?

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