“YOU forgot your moustache.”  The taunts from school peers still echo in my brain to this very day as they mocked my self-portrait painting.

I was 11 and had reached a milestone in puberty that most of my male friends had yet to reach.

I was hairy; I had a moustache, hairy pits, prickly legs and a pesky mono-brow to boot.

Understandably my saving grace came when I first saw Gillette’s ‘Venus’ advert.  It sang “baby, she’s got it” whilst a flight of doves shot out from behind a beautiful woman with outstretched fuzz-free underarms. From then on, I knew and truly believed that to be exempt from ridicule, to be beautiful and, as it were, “reveal the Goddess within”, then I really needed to shave.

Of course, the pursuit of smoothness doesn’t end with shaving for most women; it involves a painful cycle of plucking, epilating, waxing, threading and even lazoring to achieve what is essentially pre-pubescent skin.

It’s a well established social norm and women are so committed to their depilatory regime that, for the majority, to give it up would not just be a difficult feat, but down-right humiliating.

Throughout this month however, an ever-growing group of women have been doing just that; letting their armpit jungle grow for all and sundry to see during what is one of our most exposing times of year.

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