New 'Exclusive Sex Party' Launches In Manchester


WE'VE covered a fair few bizarre, sordid things since Confidential first announced the arrival of a series of exclusive invite-only sex parties to Manchester in 2014.

Killing Kittens lost its exclusivity. The vetting was lax

We've been accosted by a man with a spanking paddle at Britain’s largest sex exhibit, Sexhibition; we've reviewed the 'cockadoodle’ comic porn exhibit; we've had a personalised erotic story written by a lady sat on Thomas Street; we found a Mancunian escort offering student discount; whilst most recently, we were asked by a stranger to strip naked for art.

My point is, the news that another exclusive orgy party recently launched in Manchester is not even the weirdest thing we’ve heard this week.

Following the success of Killing Kittens, the female-friendly sex party launched in 2014, one of its organisers, Natalie Bridge, has gone rogue with a similar proposition called Elysium. So what's new?

“We’re not doing the whole mask thing,” says Bridge, “If you saw a load of people walking around in masks then you’d probably know what they were up to. The Eyes Wide Shut thing is so ten years ago.”

So no Tom Cruise, then.