Wake Up And Smell The Glitter - Morning Raves Hit Manchester

GLITTER-speckled bodies are pulsating under neon lights as hippy types wearing fanny-packs spin around until dizzy. A barefoot guy wearing shiny leggings stomps to Madchester electro jams, whilst three girls dressed in silver space costumes throw jagged shapes in a circle. Over in a darkened corner a line of women attempt to balance on their heads.

I just about managed to scrub off the glitter before a networking brekkie

Looking down from any vantage point, this may seem like your typical hipster-packed electro-bohemian club night (perhaps a throwback to the electro scene of the 90s), but there’s a few elements missing here: there's no drink, no drugs and no late nights.

It’s a little after 6:30am on Wednesday morning at Gorilla on Whitworth Street West... and the day/rave has just begun.

I'm at Morning Gloryville, a dawn-time disco billed as a ‘conscious’ rave – a healthy, sober, vegan, feel-the-love affair - which is throwing its second event in Manchester following three years of success in London.

Most of the characters bouncing up and down have only just started their day. Once the party is over, many will whip off their wigs, attempt to scrape off the glitter and go straight to work - suited, booted and energised from four hours of fist-pumping.

And it's not just the twenty-something clean-eating brigade either, there's middle-aged office workers bopping along with toddlers, who skip around their harem pant-wearing mothers. I even spot one infant been rocked to sleep to an erratically paced BPM track.

This is not your usual weekday morning, that’s for sure.

Everyone’s on a high. An organic, endorphin-pumped high.

“Give me two espressos,” orders a spandex wearing dancer with rainbow wings. “I’m completely buzzing,” she laughs. We chat for a while, compare our glittery make-up and later become dancing partners on stage.

I make more sparkly, multi-coloured friends as the party raves on. By 8am I feel in no way weird about dancing by myself, casually doing my own thing, spinning around, dusting off the moves from back in the day when I'd come crawling back home from the clubs at a similar hour. How things change.

It’s difficult to explain why raving before breakfast feels so good. It's bonkers. The positivity is infectious, and the combination of top tunes and smiling faces is euphoric. There's also free massages and yoga classes, while over at the bar you can pick up a vegan breakfast. I feel as though I could become hooked on this. And I'm not alone. Why else would people in fourteen countries across the globe set their alarms to 5am in order to party before work once a month.

I guess we’re all morning people – or maybe a little mad.


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