Do We Need Curvy Mannequins?

IT’S not the first time an inanimate object has been accused of making women feel inferior.

"If you walk in to Topshop and aspire to look like a plastic, headless mannequin then you OBVIOUSLY have issues. Don't blame Topshop."

The ubiquitous Barbie and her perky rock-hard breasts, equator wide thigh gap and pencil thin waist made my younger self question when I would look the same. Consequently, I spent most of my playtimes with a fluffy white towel on my head cruising in an imaginary pink jeep next to a chiselled bodied Ken.

Of course, I'm older now and most can separate unattainable ideas of beauty - from photoshopped models to our plastic Barbies - from the living and breathing reality: breasts are squishy, hips have rounded and for some of us, thighs rub. We also discovered chiselled Kens are more run-of-the-mill Steves.