UK's First 'LGBT School' In MCR... Is It Needed?

SO FAR, Chancellor George Osborne, former Education Minister Tim Laughton, The Bishop of Manchester, Manchester Teacher’s Association and the Manchester City Council have all weighed in on recent news that Manchester could soon offer a tax-funded educational facility for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) teenagers. 

In the main, there's been a resounding lack of support for what has been dubbed 'Britain's first gay school'.

A petition has been drafted against the proposed plans as I type. 

It's a sad reality to think a gay school would be needed in today's society - especially here in Manchester, a city with anchored roots in LGBT rights.

"We [need to] get rid of the bullying rather than feeling we have to take kids out of our schools and teach them somewhere else. That would be the best approach," said Osborne.

Others have branded the idea as 'ghettoised schooling' and fear it would cause 'alienation', 'segregation' and 'foster division'. The term 'heterophobic' has, somewhat recklessly, been thrown around. 

For LGBT Youth North West, the organisation at the centre of the discussion, it appears the majority of public opinion would like to see the idea scrapped before it grows wings.