LET'S go back to the year 2000. My formative high-school years. 

Think velcro satchels, one-too-many badges, frayed bootcut baggy jeans, family sized tubs of hairgel, Walkmans, Tony Blair, Live & Kicking, a cumbersome Nokia 3310 and a crumpled Smash Hits magazine.

Brit pop punk bands Busted and, later on, McFly were ruling the world. 

The name of our next album would be 'Cock Broth'.

When Busted split in 2005 it was as poignant as Ginger walking out of the Spice Girls in 1998. A turbulent time.

Of course, it was McFly that continued flying the flag for buoyant pop-punk for the past ten years. 2014's news that McFly (Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry) and Busted (Matt and James without Charlie) were to unite and form 'McBusted' has got some of us feeling all nostalgic.

It is the era of noughties band reforms, after all (911, Five, Atomic Kitten, etc. Now if only N*SYNC could merge with the Backstreet Boys...)

Not all have been this successful, mind. McBusted sold out 35 arena dates back in 2014, and now will be touring with their Most Excellent Adventure Tour this year.

I meet McBusted in the Manchester Arena before they perform in the city on 21 March. They all crash in with their answers like six unsteady toddlers on a mission to headbutt each other. It’s chaotic and a little silly. As the last person to interview them they're restless and also hungry. So I winged it.

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